Anxiety broken down in the simplest terms is energy that wants toimg_0339 move.  

If one allows that energy to build and build it can result in a panic attack.  Anxiety can take its toll on the physical body.  The energy needs to go some place and it is often internally stored. Tracey can work with you to understand your anxiety and also to recognize when and how it may be triggered.  She can assist you in finding a healthy outlet for that energy; a way to move it, through voice, movement, art, writing etc..  Befriending your anxiety is the beginning of changing your relationship to it.  It is trying to tell you something and the energy of it wants to go somewhere.  Our day-to-day lives are jam-packed and can create imbalance, stress and anxiety.   Anxiety is typically fear based. One may be afraid of public speaking, or feel anxious in social settings or feel worried about work performance.  We experience anxiety when we anticipate a potentially threatening situation. In certain life or death situations that heightened fear can protect us. The problem lies in a habitual state of anxious apprehension or worry.  In this we lose touch with the present moment.  This constant preparation for future threats can erode our quality of life.

Tracey can assist you in cultivating a mindful, compassionate, self-accepting response to your situation.  As a result your symptoms of anxiety can be reduced and your quality of life will improve.


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